Can you believe how fast Spring is approaching?  Winer is almost over, and the warm season is sneaking up on us!  The warmer weather will soon provide a great opportunity to get outside and complete your spring cleaning and maintenance lists.  Here are few tasks you may want to add to your list before the season passes you by!

Spray Pam Cooking Spray on Your Garage Door Tracks

This is a quick and easy task to start with! Considering you probably already have the product sitting in your kitchen, you are less than 5 minutes away from a smooth-moving, squeaky-free garage door!  Just spray the cooking spray:

  • Into the tracks where the wheels move
  • Along the chain attached to the pulley
  • On the door hinges
    • Be careful not to spray too much here, as it can seep out of the sections onto the exterior of your garage door.

This simple quick to-do will get your door moving more efficiently and quietly again!

Clean up your Air Conditioner in Time for Summer

It’s getting hot out there and I am sure many of you are already trying to beat-the-heat. This simple list from will help you get your air conditioner in tip-top shape just in time for THE DOG DAYS OF summer!

  • CLEAN YOUR FILTERS!  This is simple and easy and should be done once a month
  • Make sure there are no leaks in your air ducts
  • Clear and clean your AC’s condenser.  This short YouTube video will help you accomplish this task!
  • Spray down your entire unit with the water-hose
  • Set your AC to a comfortable cooling setting

Re-Paint Your Front Door

Another easy and decently quick little project! This touch-up can really help give the face of your house a new look and freshen things up.  A good can of paint, brushes, rollers, masking tape, and a paint pan is all you need to accomplish this task.  Need some inspiration for a new paint color instead of boring black or white? Check out Sherwin William’s 2019 Front Door Paint Colors for some help on what to choose!

Check the Wood Outside for Termites

Termites like to swarm during warm weather, especially after it rains! After the showers we have been receiving and the warm, humid weather following, it might be a good idea to take a look around your house just to check if you see any signs of the little guys! The most obvious signs of termite activity are swarms, which you might see around light sources, and piles of the wings they have molted.  If any of these signs pop out to you, you should definitely grab a flashlight, screwdriver, and some clothes that can get dirty (or coveralls) and get to looking! gives detailed instructions on how to inspect for termites yourself, or of course, you can call a professional if you feel more comfortable with that! Here is some of the Top Rated in Lubbock:

  • SWATT Pest Control
  • Rusty’s Bug Stop

Sharpen Garden Tools

I am sure that your garden tools have been run through-the-mill this spring and now that all the heavy duty gardening is done, it may be a good time to sharpen them up. has a great little tool for only $10 that can get your shears, pruners, and other tools working like new again! Maintaining your garden throughout the summer will be easy-peasy with sharpened tools!

Test and Replace Batteries in Your Smoke Detector

An important and vital task that should be completed for the safety of you and your loved ones! Testing your smoke detector is as easy as holding down the test button for a few seconds and waiting for the beep.  Hear nothing? It’s time to replace the batteries then! Test the detector again after you have replaced the batteries and you should be good to go! Now, you have a peace of mind that all should be working properly with your smoke detectors!

Re-Caulk Outside

As the temperature is heating up, you will most likely be running your AC a little more.  Re-caulking windows and door frames may help keep you from losing some cold air.  Not to mention, the horrendous sand storms that accompany West Texas springs.  Re-Caulking will help to prevent dust from getting to the inside of your home.  It will also help with the appearance of the exterior of you home.  Overall pretty simple and easy! Depending on your needs, grab a tube of caulking or two and a caulking gun.

Patch Driveway Cracks

A good spring to-do in the evening when you won’t be running in and out of the house is to patch the cracks in your driveway! On a clear evening when the sprinklers aren’t scheduled to run would work perfectly.  This subtle repair will really help pull together the other small updates you have already completed from your spring checklist! Home Depot sells a variety of concrete crack repair products that will help get your driveway looking smooth again.  After your quick run to Home Depot, check out this YouTube video if you need extra instruction on how to complete this task!

Tune-Up Lawn Mower

Your garden tools are now all sharp and ready to keep your garden and yard looking good all summer, so you might as well do the same for the mower! Used and abused, our lawn mowers often go a long time without any TLC.  It’s about time to change that! In a couple quick steps, your lawn mower will be running smoothly!

  • Change the oil filter
  • Change the air filter
  • Replace the spark plugs has the list and great instructions to help guide you through this final to-do.


After completing this list, you will be able to sit back behind your nicely painted front door under the cool air from your cleaned up air conditioner and know that your house is taken care of and set until next spring! And, it didn’t even take you until summer to complete the list!